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Western Garden Book by Sunset

Western Garden Book of Edibles by Sunset

California Native Plants for the Garden by Bornstein, Fross, and O’Brien

Edible Landscapes by Rosalind Creasy

The Edible Herb Garden by Rosalind Creasy

Western Garden Problem Solver by Sunset

Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis and What to Do about It Robert Glennon

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    Landscape design and consulting services are primarily available in the greater San Jose area of California.  Every project is unique and there are different design services to address the correct fit for your project.

     Consultation Service

    This service is for immediate assistance for problem solving landscape dilemmas.   Typically this is an appointment to review what is going on in the landscape now and what can or should be changed to improve the landscape.  The outcome could be notes from the appointment, possibly handouts of relative information and could include sketches for plants or pavements.   This appointment can also help would be home sellers to identify areas that need improvement and the knowledge of items that may not give back a return at sell.  There is an hourly charge with a minimum fee for a Consultation.


    Design Consultation Process

    This design process is for small to small(ish) spaces approximately 40’x40’ or so and are charged by the hour.  Typically this is a service for Lawn Conversion projects for the Santa Clara County Water Rebate program.  It can also serve for small garden areas, outdoor living spaces or courtyard settings needing revitalization. 

    The amount of time needed will depend on the size and complexity of the project.  Most Lawn Conversion Projects are about a 4-6 hour session.  So we spend a day together.

    We begin with a tour of your space and full discussion of the goals.  Once I have the space measured I will plot it on graph paper which is roughly to scale or input it into CAD depensding on your project.  We will review plants appropriate for the site and the goals and then I will create your landscape design.  Once we conclude you will have a landscape design and a full plant list.  You can use this design to get bids from landscape contractors or to install your project yourself. 

    This is my primary design process.


    In-Studio Design Process

    Master Plan Landscape Design fees are a custom one project flat fee, dependent on the goals of the project derived from all the input for the project.  The proposal will itemize what is included and the estimated landscape design fee. I only do 2-3 of these larger projects per month so I have the time for the details required.

    In-Studio Landscape Design process begins with an initial meeting at the space for the landscape design to discover what your intentions and wish list items are for the space or landscape.  We will discuss the use of the space and what you do and don't like as far as functions, materials, and plants.   I will openly share my design ideas and solutions with you along with brainstorming ideas together.  

    I use this meeting as my 'questionnaire' period before a contract is even signed so that my proposal can be as detailed as possible and I have a clear understanding of the goals of the project. The proposal will contain the scope of the project outlining your goals and concerns along with the design fees.  There is a very small fee for the time and knowledge shared for this meeting.

    Once a contract is signed and a deposit made, the landscape design process can move forward as I schedule your project into the calendar and set a date to measure the scope of the site.  If you already have a site plan then that can be useful in creating a basic CAD site plan for your project but likely will still need some additional measuring and inventory.  If a demolition plan is warranted it would be included in the project.

    At the Preliminary Review meeting we will go over all the details of your landscape plan and make any tweaks or revisions to be changed in the computer design file.

    Your Final Landscape Design Plan will show your garden elements and materials you desire.  A plant list will give the botanical and common name for each plant along with the quantity in the landscape design.   Also, indications are be made for outdoor lighting to cover security and ambience.  Irrigation notes are included.  This plan can be used to get a contractor's bid.

    If you are working with the city for a remodel or large scale installation and a full irrigation plan and water budget calculation sheet are required, this can be availalbe but is an additional fee to the landscape plan.  This is usually referred to as the Landscape Documentation Package. This is usually only required if you are needing permits for a structure , gas line or new electrical, or full house remodel/new build.  Many cities will omit this requirement for a landscape documentation package if the plant material is low water use by 80% or more.  Consider your lawn to be Delta Bluegrass Co. product with their native blend sod to help account for the low water requirement.